The new Badasht Project website is here! We’re still kicking the tires and finding out everything it can do, but we’ll start by keeping things simple – a few thoughts about the goals of the Project and some cool music resources to get the ball rolling. If you haven’t yet, please read the About the Project page.

Our second CD, Badasht Vol. 2 – Raise Me Up was released a few months ago, and is now making the rounds – we’re getting wonderful feedback from various parts of the globe, and people are using the music in all kinds of ways. We’ll share some of the stories with you; they keep us going and remind us what it’s all about!

It would also be good to share some of the creative and production process behind the CDs, in ways that are beyond the scope of the liner notes (not that most of you have physical copies of the CD anyway!). A lot goes into it – more than we would ever care to admit at the beginning – and there are a lot of little miracles that happen to get it to where it is now. It’s a wonder these things ever get finished… but they do, through the grace of God!

We’ll also be posting anything incredible we run across in the Writings and elsewhere; hopefully that will help inspire you along the way.

Looking forward to getting to know you all soon!

The Badasht Project